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Chemical fiber masterbatch

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  • Lu"an Qingsong masterbatch Co., Ltd. has a large variety of color masterbatch, stable product quality, bright color, good gloss, uniformly dispersed! Price! Service first! Customers can request a variety of customized requirements function masterbatch. PP masterbatch is mainly used for: the process of fiber drawing, pull hair! Customers can pull into filaments, staple fibers, filaments, thick wire. Specific circumstances, technical support, product questions and product pricing, please call to discuss!

    Advantage:Heat resistance, dispersibility, light resistance, stability, water resistance, dry cleaning resistance, oil resistance.

    Packaging storage methods:The double packaging, the inner waterproof moisture-proof polyethylene film bag, outer paper-plastic bags. Standard packaging of 25 kg / bag. Stored in a well-ventilated, dry place, the next set of pad material to avoid the sun, rain, and masterbatch color shelf life of up to five years. Open package use the remaining part should be re-sealed to prevent dust pollution, moisture absorption.

    Performance:Polypropylene is a pure hydrocarbon, the molecular chain containing a tertiary carbon atom, heated, and the light in the tertiary carbon atom disposal sub easily cracking, so that the polypropylene quality deterioration, so the requirements made of masterbatch in a high-temperature spinningeasy to spread, without damaging the quality of fiber, the fiber fade, excellent light fastness, abrasion resistance, solvent resistance, withstand strict spin-draw.

    Lu"an Qingsong masterbatch Co., Ltd.Specializing in the production:PP masterbatch, PP masterbatch, nonwoven masterbatch, plastic film blowing masterbatch, functional masterbatch, fiber masterbatch, plastic masterbatch, fiber masterbatch, polypropylene filament masterbatch,polypropylene staple fiber masterbatch, anti-aging masterbatch, antistatic masterbatch, hydrophilic masterbatch, flame retardant masterbatch, Anhui polypropylene masterbatch.

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