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PP masterbatch
  • The characteristics of PP masterbatch are: good filtering performance, bright color and good weather resistance.

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    The characteristics of PP masterbatchare: good filtering performance, bright color and good weather resistance.
    PP masterbatch is especially suitable for polypropylene filament, polypropylene staple, polypropylene BCF yarn.

    Lu'an Qingsong Color Masterbatch Co., Ltd. has a large number of PP masterbatches of various colors, the product quality is stable, the color is bright, the gloss is good, and the dispersion is even! discount price! Good service! Various functional color masterbatches can be customized according to customer requirements. Long filament, short fiber, thin filament, thick filament, etc. can be drawn according to customer requirements. For specific conditions, technical support, product questions and product prices, please call to discuss!

    PP masterbatch performance:
    Polypropylene is a single pure hydrocarbon. The molecular chain contains tertiary carbon atoms. After being heated and exposed to light, the molecules are easily broken at the tertiary carbon atoms, which will deteriorate the quality of polypropylene. Therefore, the masterbatch made is required to be spun at high temperature. It is easy to spread, does not damage the quality of the fiber, does not make the fiber fade, has excellent light resistance, abrasion resistance, and solvent resistance, and can withstand strict spinning drafting.


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