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[Application analysis of plastic products industry!]
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Application analysis of plastic products industry in 2021!

Plastic products are the general term for household and industrial products that are processed with plastic as the main raw material, including plastic injection molding, blister molding, and other products. Plastic is a kind of plastic synthetic polymer material.

It forms three indispensable synthetic materials in daily life with synthetic rubber and synthetic fibers. Specifically, plastics are materials that are made of natural or synthetic resin as the main component, added with various additives, and can be molded into a certain shape under certain conditions such as temperature and pressure, and keep the shape unchanged at room temperature.

The industrial chain of the plastic products industry covers a wide range. The upstream industries include direct materials, auxiliary materials, and related equipment industries, and the downstream applications involve building materials, agriculture, daily necessities, medical care, and automobiles.

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