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[How to choose PP masterbatch?]
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How to choose PP masterbatch?

 (1) Other properties of PP masterbatch should be understood. For example, for plastic products used in food and children's toys, PP masterbatch should be non-toxic; plastic products used in electrical appliances should be selected for good electrical insulation. Color materials; For outdoor plastic products, color materials with good weathering resistance should be selected.

  (2) The dispersibility and tinting strength of PP masterbatch should be good. When the PP masterbatch is unevenly dispersed, it will affect the appearance of the product; when the coloring power of the pigment is poor, the amount of the pigment will increase, and the material cost will increase. The dispersibility and tinting strength of the same pigment in different resins are not the same, so you should pay attention to this when choosing the pigment; the particle size of the pigment is also related to the dispersibility, the smaller the pigment particle size, the better the dispersibility , The coloring power is also strong.

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