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[A brief analysis of the technical level of the plastics industry!]
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A brief analysis of the technical level of the plastics industry!

Modified plastics not only maintain the original excellent properties of plastics, but also overcome the shortcomings of ordinary plastics. Under the premise of ensuring the performance requirements, they reduce the cost of end products, and at the same time increase the added value of products, and are used in the lightweight of automobiles and other products. , Low cost, beautiful and comfortable, etc. play an important role.

With the continuous improvement of the flame retardant, weather resistance and alloying level of modified plastics, modified plastics have been widely used in electric tools, automobiles, electronic and electrical, furniture, rail transit and other fields, and have become one of the main materials in various industries. Such as hard PVC instead of wood, modified PE instead of rattan, electroplating grade PC/ABS alloy instead of metal, etc.

Lu'an Qingsong Masterbatch Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of non-woven masterbatch, polypropylene masterbatch and other materials such as spinning, drawing, BCF and other PP masterbatch, and also produces various environmental protection masterbatch, functional masterbatch , Blown film masterbatch, injection masterbatch, engineering plastic modified masterbatch and enhanced masterbatch. Undertake the color matching production with samples, with the characteristics of accurate color matching, fast speed and excellent price.

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