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[Characteristics of Lu'an Qing song flame retardant masterbatch!]
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Characteristics of Lu'an Qing song flame retardant masterbatch!

flame retardant masterbatch is also known as flame retardant masterbatch, fireproof masterbatch. It is in order to meet the requirements of plastic and rubber products to achieve fire prevention and a class of products.

1, easy to use: most of the flame retardant masterbatchs are flake or strip tablet size particles, just the same size as the general plastic particles, improving the mutual tolerance between them, making it easier to disperse and add health and reduce volatilization waste.

2, good compatibility with resin: under normal circumstances, the flame retardant masterbatch has been specially treated to improve its compatibility with plastic resin, making it not easy to produce stratification, frosting, pattern and other problems even when the amount added to the resin is large.

3, reduce costs, improve the added value of products: often through the addition of flame retardant masterbatch (masterbatch) to make general plastics have or close to the application requirements of engineering plastics, improve the added value of products, reduce the cost of raw materials.

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