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[Lu 'an Qingsong Masterbatch Co., Ltd. will start work in 2024!]
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Lu 'an Qingsong Masterbatch Co., Ltd. will start work in 2024!

On February 17, 2024, the eighth day of the first lunar month, Lu 'an Qingsong Masterbatch Co., Ltd. will start work in 2024! This day is of great significance to Lu 'an Qingsong Masterbatch Co., LTD., carrying hopes and dreams and embarking on a new journey. At a new starting point, all the staff of Lu 'an Qingsong Masterbatch Co., Ltd. will continue to pursue excellence, pioneering spirit, and strive to create a more brilliant future!

Lu'an Qing song Masterbatch Co., Ltd specializes in the production of non-woven masterbatchespolypropylene masterbatches and other materials such as spinning, drawing, BCF and other PP masterbatches, and also produces a variety of environmental protection masterbatches, functional masterbatches, blown film masterbatches, injection molding masterbatches, engineering plastic modified masterbatches and reinforced masterbatches. To undertake the sample color matching production, with accurate color matching, fast speed, good price and other characteristics.

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